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An Uptown Tradition Since 1954

Sironia’s current site is steeped in nostalgia for some native Wacoans. The building was designed and built for Sachs Austin Avenue, a women’s dress shop originally located on the square in downtown Waco. The shop was destroyed May 11, 1953, when an F5 tornado ripped through the area, killing 114 people and demolishing hundreds of buildings. The following year, Sachs moved uptown to Sironia’s current location.

Sironia is named after the epic 1,700 page novel Sironia, Texas written by Madison Cooper, which is a thinly veiled version of Waco, the authors hometown.  Sironia was one of the the first of its kind in Central Texas: housing several small, local boutiques all centered around a 100-seat restaurant with a central check out.

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